Dear School Staff Member,
All certified staff at your school are being invited to participate in this confidential online survey (once at the beginning of the school year and once at the end of the school year) as part of your school’s involvement in the Title II Part A Teacher and School Leader Instructional Support Grant - Distributed Leadership Development.  The survey asks about school-wide leadership practices and teaching and learning practices and will provide your school with information that should be helpful for ongoing planning.  The survey will take 20-25 minutes to complete.
The Institute For Excellence in Education (IEE) is a nonprofit organization focused on providing professional development and coaching in K-12 schools.  IEE has 22 years of experience in outcomes based professional learning.  IEE team members believe that teachers and school leaders are key factors in successful schools and they work to support educators in their work.
Your survey will be kept entirely confidential.  It does not ask for your name, and your email address and computer IP address will not be collected.  Individual survey responses will not be reported.  Survey results will be reported only in a summarized fashion for your whole school that does not identify any individual.  The results will be provided to your coach to help determine how to further improve leadership practices at your school.  We anticipate that there are no risks involved in participation beyond those risks that exist in daily life, and that participation should not result in any distress.  While your full participation is greatly appreciated, if you feel uncomfortable about answering any particular question, please skip to the next question.
Your participation in the survey is voluntary.  Your decision to participate or not to participate will not in any way influence your future relations with IEE or your school.  If you do decide to participate, you may exit the survey and discontinue participation at any time.
After you finish filling out the survey, a completion page will be displayed.  If you want a copy of this page for your records, you can print a copy.  This page is not linked to your survey responses.
The Center for Prevention Research and Development (CPRD) at the University of Illinois is carrying out the data collection service.  If you have any questions about the survey, please contact Nancy Flowers at 877-255-7078 (toll free) or

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